I chose the story of Samson smiting the Philistines with the jawbone of a donkey for this outdoor sculpture. I have pared down the number of figures within the narrative in order to lend more attention to a singular moment of violence, fear & strength described in the Old Testament narrative (Book of Judges 13). The sculpture is raised on a roughly hewn rock plinth and encircled by rocks that act as a fire pit. This sculptural scene is optimally viewed at night with fire encircling the figures, the rising flames and darkness of the night add to the drama and action that is encapsulated within this story.


Samson @ Craganrock 1


Samson @ Craganrock 2


Samson @ Craganrock 3


Samson @ Craganrock 4


Samson @ Craganrock 5


Samson @ Craganrock 6


Samson @ Craganrock 7